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How to choose a fishing reel

When you prepare to go fishing, fishing reel is a necessary tool for you. It is important to choose a suitable fishing reel which will improve your sense of fishing. Before you choose a fishing reel, the basic information of fishing reel is necessary.

Types of fishing reel

Usually, the fishing reels can be divided in four styles-spinning reel, baitcasting reel, trolling reel and fly reel. Beginners can choose spinning reels which are widely used and easy to operate. If you have rich experience of fishing, you can choose the suitable reel that matches your need. 

Spinning reel

Spinning reels are the most widely used fishing reels. It is easy to operate and can be used for saltwater and freshwater. It usually has 500-1200 series. Saltwater fishing needs higher series which are suitable for big fish. The material of spool is aluminium alloy or plastic. Full metal reels are stronger and durable. 

Baitcasting reel

Baticasting reels can hold more fishing line, cast farther and product smoother drag than spinning reels, but it is not easy to use. So baitcasting reels are suitable for experienced users. To control line’s outlet is difficult and the fishing line is easy to explode into a tangled mess. Most baitcasting reels have a magnetic, centrifugal or electronic brake system, but you still need to learn to slow your cast with your thumb.

Trolling reel

Trolling reels are mostly used for saltwater trolling fishing. This kind of fishing reels has bigger line capacity which can hold longer fishing line. It is more suitable for big fish and deep sea fishing. It has requirement of bait weight and is not suitable for light baits.

Fly reel

Fly reels are special for fly fishing and used for freshwater fishing activity. It needs to be used with fly fishing rod, fly lures and fly line. The use of fly reels is more complicated than other reels. It is not suitable for beginners. 

How to choose a fishing reel?

a71 You need to confirm the place you will go fishing and the target fish you want.

a71 Think about the baits you will use. Small or big baits?

a71 After choosing the type of fishing reel, you need to choose the size of reel according to your requirements.

a71 Some reels have choices of right hand and left hand. Choose one to match your usage habit.

After you decide the reel you want, please match it to your fishing rod. And choose the right line for your reels.

Post time: Aug-04-2022