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How to choose a fishing rod

For anglers especially the beginners, before choosing fishing gears, it is important to choose a suitable fishing rod according to fishing requirements. For new anglers, it isn’t easy to choose a suitable fishing rod among the massive variety of rods. Long or short? Glass or carbon? Stiff or flexible? 

So you need to confirm a few questions before choosing.

a71 Where will you be fishing?
It is important to know the place that you choose to fish.

a71 What kind of bait you will use?
The type and weight of bait are import for rod choosing. Please confirm what bait you will use before choosing rod.

a71 What’s your target fish?
Different kinds of fish needs different fishing rods. Please think about the features of your target fish and then choose the right rod.

The features of fishing rods that need to be noticed are as below.

a71 The material of fishing rod:

Usually, the fishing rods are made from glass fibre or carbon fibre. The price of glass rod is lower, and it is heavier and tougher. Carbon rods are much lighter and the flexibility is better, but the price is much higher. But the rods which have high carbon content will be easy to broke if your use is wrong. The carbon fibre rod’s sense of use is much better and more comfortable. However, the best fishing rods are the ones you use comfortably.

a71 The types of fishing rod:

In generally, there are many different types of fishing rod, such as hand pole, telescopic rod, spinning rod, casting rod, surf rod, fly rod and other rods. Some rods need to be used with fishing reels and the others don’t. Spinning rods work well with light lures and are general-purpose rods which are more appropriate for beginners. Casting rods work well with heavier baits, such as jigs and tossing artificial baits. Please choose the right rod according to your fishing place and target fish.

After you have picked a style and material, you can look for a fishing rod which matches the size line and weight of baits you want to use.

And then you can choose a fishing reel to match your rod to get ready to go fishing.

Post time: Aug-04-2022