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WH- S094 Wooden Squid Hook Jigs Set

WH- S094 Wooden Squid Hook Jigs Set

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10pcs Artificial Fishing Lure Squid Hook Jigs Octopus Shrimp Luminous Artificial Bait with Double Layer Hooks Fishing Tackle.

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    Product Specification

    Product Name  Wood Shrimp Combo
    Package  10pcs/bag
    Lure Weight  3.0# 15g 3.5# 20g
    Lure Length  3.0# 12cm 3.5# 13cm
    Combo Weight  3.0# 206g 3.5# 273g
    Size  3.0# 202*155*20mm

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    Product Description

    1. Using environmentally-friendly material, reusable and long-term preserved.
    2. Ocean Beach Fishing, River, Ocean Boat Fishing, Lake, Reservoir Pond, Electricity, Ocean Fishing.
    3. It provides great visibility and swimming action, also mimic the patterns and scent of a real meal. They can imitate fishes
    vividly, attract more fish and trigger them to attack.
    4. These wonderful lures will do a good job for outdoor fishing, no matter you are new or experienced anglers.
    5. The fishing lure set are perfect Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary gift for husband, boyfriend, dad, and friends.

    WH-2001 high quality brass rolling swivels5
    WH-2001 high quality brass rolling swivels9
    WH-2001 high quality brass rolling swivels8

    Product Features

    1. Slow Sinking model, perfect for shallow area
    2. Small Hexagon Weight reduces snagging
    3. Moving weight ball enables long casting
    4. Rattle sound attracts squids
    5. Shaped for Quick Response
    6. Extra Sharp Stainless Steel Hook

    Product Introduction


    1.Simulated 3D eye effect bait,close to fish predator target underwater.
    2.The lead weight of the head is designed to increase the weight of the bait itself, and it can be well placed in the deep sea area.
    3.The bottom groove design is modeled after the ship’s design , making the bait more balanced in the water.
    4.Umbrella hook design professionally captures squid, hooks sharp prey is difficult to escape the bottom of the night light design is more attractive to the prey close.

    Product Introduction


    Perfect packaging, a variety of colors to choose from.Cloth bag package, 10pcs/bag ,easy carry.

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