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WH-SL009 12cm 10g T tail soft fish lure

WH-SL009 12cm 10g T tail soft fish lure

Short Description:

3D eyes make it perfect tool for fishing lovers.
Colorful body can make it easy to catch fish.
Lifelike and rapid action in water.
Excellent visual effect of luring fish.
Weight: 10G
Length: 12CM

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WH (2)

It is a fishing necessity for anglers.
Smooth and rapid diving action.
It is a powerful catching tool to catch big fishes.
Easy to use due to proper combination of wobbling and rolling.
Suitable for both freshman use and professional use.

Product Features

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Lifelike Design: The soft jerk bait features natural fish profile with external etched gills, 3D lifelike eyes, flawlessly imitates an actual fish, help anglers attract a bigger catch.
Material: This soft swimbait is made of rubber,which has no irritating odor and is harmless to the human body. It has a large stretch ratio and high resilience, and is extremely waterproof.
Function: because of the flexible body of the soft lure,it will swim like the live fish in the water.

Product Introduction

WH (3)

Fishy like attracts fish to bite.
Wonderful tools for fishing lovers.
Suitable for different kinds of fishes.
A helpful and useful fishing tool when you fishing.
Hang them up to fishing hook and they will be vivid in water.

WH (4)

The luminous color emits a little starlight underwater, attracting fish to hunt. The groove design on the abdomen is suitable for use with a crank hook, so that the hook can be hidden and not easy to be found.

WH (5)

With colorful colors like a rainbow, uniquely shaped eyes, double grooves on the back and belly, this bait will bring you a unique fishing experience. Support customization, can make the color you want, add flavor, and pack as required.

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