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WHYY-239 Topwater Soft Frog Fishing Lure

WHYY-239 Topwater Soft Frog Fishing Lure

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This lure is an artificial soft frog fishing bait. It has 6 different colors for customers to choose. The weight of this bait is 6g and the length is 4.5cm.
The soft frog lure is made of plastic which is environment-friendly and durable. The hook tip is cutting point which is sharp and strong, and the hook is double hook which has barb. 3D eyes and points on the body make the lure more lifelike. The action of this lure is floating on topwater. The target fish is bass, culter alumnus, herring, snakehead, grass carp, catfish, grass carp and other kinds of fish. It can be used for freshwater and saltwater. For fishing lovers, it is a good tool for outdoor fishing activity.

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This simulation frog lure has many advantages for fishing activity. And the following points are its features.
1. The water angle is natural and the posture is realistic convenient
entrance. The frog bait is easy to bite.
2. The eyes of this lure is 3D lifelike lure eyes and the lure has biomimetic silicone skin, which makes the frog lure more lifelike and attractive.
3. This lure uses double high carbon steel hook which has cutting point and barb. The hook is very strong and sharp which can help to pierce fish quickly and the fish can’t escape easily.
4. With high-quality plastic, the lure body is soft and seduced. The double rubber skirt design helps to attract more fish.
5. Corrosinon-resistant stainless steel connecting ring makes the frog lure durable and strong.
6. Six colors are for customers to choose. Customers can choose different colors according to requirements.
7. The size and weight is suitable for its target fish and it is easy for fish lovers to use.


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