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  • WHYY-Y310 Metal Mini VIB With Spoon

    WHYY-Y310 Metal Mini VIB With Spoon

    1. The simulation has a bait image realistic, 3D fish eye, multi-layer baking paint, attracts the fish close, and the probability of the fish biting is extremely high.
    2. An asymmetrical and streamlined design on the left and right, fast sinking and the swimming posture is realistic, and the laser-painting has high reflectivity.
    3. Metal fishing lure jigging iron plate jig hard fishing lures for sea fishing, boat fishing, deep-sea fishing.
    4. Night light effect, night or the area where the light can not reach, effectively attract the attention of large fish and achieve the effect of luring fish.
    5. Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, such as fishing in the ocean, boats, beaches, rivers and swimming pools.