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WH-H046 Squid hook/ Eight-claw hook

WH-H046 Squid hook/ Eight-claw hook

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1pc Squid Skirts Fishing Hooks Glow Night Quadruple Fishing Lures Luminous Octopus Artificial Bait Hook Saltwater Jig Fish Hooks. This product is luminous in color, with large size optional, night fishing weapon, can sparkle in water, can attract more fish, sharp four claw hooks, better in water The hooked fish does not let the fish live.
1. Simulated octopus styling, strong temptation
2. Luminous effect, wide range of applications
3. No barbs, strong hook penetration
4. Flexible swinging in the water, greatly increasing the effect of attracting fish.

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Luminous Squid Octopus

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1 * luminous octopus fishing hook

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WH-H046- (2)

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WH-H046- (6)

Imitation octopus shape, strong temptation, luminous effect, wide range of use. Silica gel color silk swing flexibly in the water, greatly increase the effect of fish lure, luminous material with small sequins.
Sickle hook four strong tension resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance is stronger, not easy to pull straight pull bend, swift fish, fish is not easy to unhook, easy to stab big things.
Hook body fluorescent layer, efficient light absorption, strong lasting effect. Four single hook welding, even weight, hook tip inward, not easy to unhook, not easy to straighten. Four sharp hook points increase the fishing range, smooth hook design without resistance.

Float fishing: the anchor hook is used to hang the upper fish (white fish, silver carp) every cast line, when the hook sinks more than one meter, swing the rod to close the line, the intervals of large rod pulling action is repeated successively.
Bottom fishing: used to hang the lower fish (grass, carp, crucian carp, black, etc.), feel the anchor hook just hit the bottom, swing the rod to close the line, interval small rod pulling action, repeat successively.
Suitable for fish: white fish, silver carp, grass carp, carp, large carp, catfish and so on.

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