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WHSB-7384 100pcs barbed fishing single hook set

WHSB-7384 100pcs barbed fishing single hook set

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Made of high carbon steel, the hook handle is long, the hook tip is sharp, the corrosion resistance is strong, and the fish feeding rate is high. The hook handle is designed according to the mechanical principle to protect the friction between the line and the hook surface, which greatly reduces the probability of thread breakage and has strong stability. Each sharp hook tip is polished for several times to ensure the sharpness of the hook, which can achieve the effect of fast penetration speed and deep penetration length. In the case of not increasing the hook line and the weight of the hook body, the longitudinal tension of the hook is greatly exerted. 

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100pcs barbed fishing hook set



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High carbon steel


100pcs / package

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The hook is made of high carbon steel with long hook handle, sharp hook tip and strong corrosion resistance.  
Hook handle binding line is not easy to slip, the fish is not easy to break the line, hook handle design according to the principle of mechanics, protect the line on the hook surface friction, greatly reduce the probability of broken line, strong stability.  


Product Introduction

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Sharp hook tip each hook tip is polished several times to ensure that the sharp hook can achieve the effect of fast penetration and deep penetration length.  
The longitudinal tension of the hook is maximized without increasing the weight of the hook and the straight line of the hook. 

High carbon steel hook raw material, anti-corrosion hook coating effectively prolongs service life, epoxy glue winding process, solid seamless single loop, high-quality braided wire, "triangular tooth" hook tip, its flat and sharp hook Strong tip penetration ability, flat head parker hook.

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