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WHBF-AURURA200 High Speed Baitcasting Fishing Reel

WHBF-AURURA200 High Speed Baitcasting Fishing Reel

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This baitcasting fishing reel can be used for both freshwater and saltwater. The fishing reel has a colorful outlook and it will show different colors in different environment. It can match different fishing rods as you like. It is a high speed baitcasting fishing reel whose max drag is 7kg. The gear ratio is 7.2:1 and its net weight is about 216g. It is a professional baitcasting fishing reel that will make fishing activity easier and more interesting. It has two styles-left hand and right hand, which match customers’ different requirements.Good quality makes it durable and comfortable.

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    Product Details

    This high speed baitcasting fishing reel has great design and good quality. It has many advantages to make fishing more comfortable and funnier.
    The features and advantages are as belowing:
    1. It uses magnetic brake system which helps to catch fish easily.  The system is sensitive. This baitcasting fishing reel is easy to control and the operation is simple.
    2.This fishing has 9 adjust gears which depend on magnetic brake system. Users can adjust the gear according to the requirements. 0-3 gears long shot mode is suitable for heavy bait casting. 3-7 files universal mode is for different kinds of fake baits. 6-9 gears novice mode is suitable for fishing beginners and small bait.
    3.To ensure the effect, it has 7 strong magnetic brake beans. It can protect the fishing line.
    4. The wire cup is carved metal hollow wire cup which is ultralight. It is formed in one and the material is aluminum alloy which is durable and strong. Its design is shallow cup that is suitbale for 2.5# (0.260mm-180m), 3.0# (0.285mm-150m) and 3.5# (0.300mm-110m) fishing line.
    5. It has a brake button which makes the operation more convenient. The stop switch helps to control the brake system.
    6. Ceramic line guide is used in this baitcasting fishing reel, which won’t hurt the fishing line. It is more smooth to sending fishing line.
    7. The fishing line has 2 stlyes-left hand and right hand. Users can choose the right one according to their own needs. 

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