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WHBF-BK 1000-6000 Series Spinning Fishing Reel

WHBF-BK 1000-6000 Series Spinning Fishing Reel

Short Description:

This spinning fishing reel can be used for both freshwater and saltwater. The max drag of this fishing reel is 9kg. The lightweight body design makes it easy and comfortable to use. It can match different kinds of fishing rods as you like. Six sizes from 1000 to 6000 which can be chosen according to your
requirements. The gear ratio is 5.2:1 and the bearing is 5+1BB. Full metal wire cup and CNC metal handle make it durable. Strong body and good quality will give you a better way to fish. ble. Strong body and good quality will give you a better way to fish.

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    WHBF (1) WHBF (2) WHBF (3) WHBF (4) WHBF (5) WHBF (6) WHBF (7) WHBF (8) WHBF (9) WHBF (10) WHBF (11) WHBF (12) WHBF (13) WHBF (14)

    Product Feature

    1. Lightweight body design
    2. Powerful driving gear system
    3. Hardened metal brass main shaft
    4. Triple disc woolen drag washers
    5. Interchangeable right or left hand CNC metal handle
    6. Design to prevent messy fishing line
    7. Superior Drag System offers incredible stopping power up to 10kg
    8. CNC Aluminum Spool Non-slip design&Card line design

    Product Details

    1. With special design of large diameter unloading knob, the fishing reel is flexible to adjust unloading force. It can help to deal with big fish conveniently and easily.
    2. With metal friction plate and felt brake pad, it has high precision and large unloading force. This design won’t hurt fishing line and heat dissipation effect is better.
    3. Special design for line keeper is convenient to wrap line. Wrapping and freeing line is easier for users.
    4. The stainless steel accessory make it more durable. Stainless steel spindle is strong abrasion-resistance and helps to make wire-out fast. It helps to avoid tangling of the wire take-up. Good material is for good quality.
    5. The handle is CNC left and right interchangeable handle, which is appropriate for different requirements. The operation of exchange is easy and quick and the use is comfortable.Anti-slip design of EVA grip pill helps to have a comfortable and convenient use felling. 

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