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WHQF-FR017 Trolling Fishing Reel For Sea Fishing

WHQF-FR017 Trolling Fishing Reel For Sea Fishing

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This reel is a metal trolling fishing reel for sea fishing activity. It has a line counter which helps users to control the fishing line. The outlook is a classical trolling fishing reel design. This reel can be used for sea boating fishing, jigging fishing and sea fishing. It is easy to operate and convenient to use. The max drag of this trolling reel is about 10kg, so it is suitable for big fish.The material of the reel body is carbon fibre and the spool is aluminium alloy, which makes the fishing reel strong and durable. The ball bearing is 2+1BB. The gear ratio is 6.0:1 which hepls you to catch fish easily.

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    This power line counter trolling fishing reel has many advantages to use. And the features are as belowing.
    1. Carbon body makes it lighter than troditional metal body. It won’t make users feel tired after long-time use. But at the same time, CNC spool, metal guider and metal foot make the fishing reel stronger. The stainless ball bearings resist saltwater and they are durable. It is smoother for fishing line.The aluminium alloy guider helps to make the line balance.
    2. Equiped with a line counter, uses can know the depth at any time. And it has a number reset button which can reset the number when it is necessary.
    3. It has a alarm. When users open the alarm, they can focus on the fishing activity.
    4. Users can adjust the drag power by the star drag knob. It is convenient for users to deal with fish in different sizes.
    5. The metal handle is durable and strong. The material of knob is TPR soft rubber which is comfortable to use. It is skidproof design which is easy to hold.

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