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WHLQ-G23D 6.6cm11.5g VIB hard lure

WHLQ-G23D 6.6cm11.5g VIB hard lure

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Diving vibration swimbait fishing lures are unmatched in quality and durability. Well-Designed and Well-Made hard baits with realistic brilliant colors which can be used in both saltwater and freshwater. Rattling steel ball inside lures to keep balance, offer lifelike swimming action in water.Noise model design,make VIB more easily to be sensed.

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    Place of Origin China
    Model Number WHLQ-G23D
    Type Artificial hard bait-VIB(VIBRATION)
    Position STREAM, River, Lake, Ocean Beach Fishing, Ocean Boat Fishing, Ocean Rock Fshing, Reservoir Pond, Other
    Category Lure, Slice, Additive, Powdery, Seawater Fishing Bait, Lure Accessories, Lure Kit, Integrated Bait, Bream Bait, Floating Bait, Grass Carp Bait, Carp Bait, Silver Carp & Bighead Carp Bait, Dace Bait, Tilapia Bait, Wheat Protein Bait,Fake Lure
    Fishing Lure Type Freshwater Casting, Freshwater Trolling lure, Saltwater Catsing, Saltwater Trolling Lure, Jigging Lures, Trout Lures, Pike Lures, Perch Lures, Zander Lures, Seabass Lures,  Lures, Metal Lures, VIB  Lures, Crankbait Lures
    Product name Artificial hard bait VIB
    Material Plastic
    Weight 11.5g
    Length 66mm
    Hook 8# ORGIN hook
    Color Simulation of painting---8 colors
    Eyes 3D Lure Eyes
    Depth ALL
    Application Freshwater lure/Saltwate Lure
    Target Fish Bass, Redfish, Largemouth Bass, Muskellunge, Catfish, Perch, Trout, Walleye ,Redfish
    Action Sinking
    Packing OPP bag

    Product Size

    WHLQ (3) WHLQ (4)

    Product Features

    1.Perfect for hopping along the bottom, yo-yoing in deep water, and burning underneath the surface, the lure allows anglers to target the fish in a number of different scenarios.
    2.The lure sinks fast, flutters when it falls, and delivers a hard, pulsating vibration when pulled through the water.
    3.Internally, the lure comes equipped with steel ball that increase casting distance and provide a jaw-dropping acoustic.
    4.Built with a flat head, the lure creates a tight, pulsating action that you can feel moving down the rod.
    5.Formed using"Level Back " body shape,  produces a horizontal posture during a straight retrieve, which helps reduce snags and maintain running depth.
    6.Ideal for cold water fishing,excels at catching suspended bass, as well as, other various species of fish.

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