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whuy-333 4.5cm 4.2g crankbait artificial fishing lure

whuy-333 4.5cm 4.2g crankbait artificial fishing lure

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3d eyes make it perfect tool for fishing lovers.
Colorful body can make it easy to catch fish.
Lifelike and rapid action in water.
Excellent visual effect of luring fish.

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    For bass anglers, crank is undoubtedly the most lifelike lure. Their shape, color and action imitate the favorite meals of bass well-lobster,herring, sunfish... Bass has used these all the year round. Creatures feed on them, so anglers can get rewards all year round with cranks.The shape is chubby, the curve is uneven, and the lip is relatively large and long,so the swing will be relatively large when dragging, and the body of the chubby bait has steel balls, which can emit a large amount of energy. The sound has better effect in each water layer.

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    The operation of the crank is relatively simple, and it will make some exaggerated swinging movements in the water, which can stimulate the lure of the more ferocious big fish hunting. Just throw it out for regular recycling, press the water into the water through the tongue plate and then dive, and the body will absorb it by swinging left and right.
    1.great must-have item for anglers - widely targeting at predator fishes such as pike,catfish, perch, bass, redfish, trout, bream, muskie,roach, walleye etc for both freshwater and saltwater.
    2.well-designed and well-made - 3d life like fish eyes with fish-attracting laser printed body provides excellent appearance of fishing lures. While double flat strong rings and hooks offers continuous metal flash and special vibration with lifelike bait fish swimming action to attract fishes. Stainless steel bbs inside lures chamber to keep balance and casting long.
    3.eco-friendly material - with high performance abs material, which offers odor-free and reusable fishing lures, top-water crank-baits is unmatched in quality and durability.
    4.The most important thing,wish you good luck in your fishing trip! God bless you!

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    -there are balls inside, easy to attract fish
    -they create lifelike swimming moves in the water
    -3d eyes make it a powerful capture tool
    -bright colors attract big fish
    -smooth and fast diving action
    -suitable for fresh water and salt water
    -environmentally friendly abs plastic can be reused and stored for a long time

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    -The hook is very sharp. Please take care
    -Keep it out of the reach of children
    -All pictures are taken in kind. The camera may appear colored, please refer to the actual product, thank you.

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