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WHZH-1004 10g&22.5g rotating propeller Joined lure

WHZH-1004 10g&22.5g rotating propeller Joined lure

Short Description:

New sinking propeller jerkbait jointed bait swimbait artificial fishing lure
Lure Model:Swimbaits
Lure Type: Hard Fishing Lure
Lure Weight:10/23g
Lure Length: 85/115mm
Diving Depth: full water
Buoyancy:slow sinking
Hooks: Equipped with 2pcs Anti-corrosion Hooks
Eyes: 3D Fish Eyes

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    WHZH (1) WHZH (2)

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    WHZH (2)

    1. The bait body adopts advanced environmental protection materials, not only has a high impact strength, but also does not produce harmful substances to the environment.
    2. The bait is designed to have the best balance so that the bait can swim at the slowest possible retrieval speed.
    3.The baits have lifelike painting and vivid 3D eyes ,they make the bait looks like real fish swimming in the water during fishing.
    4.Colorful body: Simulation design, more attractive to fish.
    5.Hooks: Anti-corrosion, stronger power, durable, freshwater seawater universal.
    6.Metal Balls: Stainless steel balls inside, to keep balance of the fishing Lure, for the furthest distance casting.
    7.Stronger Bicyclic Rings: Strengthen the double circle increased resistance to pull.
    8.Simulation Fish Skin (Laser): The design of simulation fish skin make it more attractive to big fish.
    9.Unlike popular cost-saving bonding done by popular companies. Bearking utilizes a detailed, time intensive process.
    10.Edge finishing and precision deburring process reduces the lures rough mated area to smooth surface.
    11.To test the integrity of the adhesion, lures are water tested, immersed into hot water exceeding 70 degrees for around 20 seconds.

    WHZH (2)

    Uniquely designed for an enticing action in the watercreates an erratic action that predatory game fish can resist.,2 sizes for a variety of needs.

    WHZH (3)

    Rotate 360 degrees sequins under the action of water flow, the built-in sequins rotate at a high speed, causing strong ripple and noise sound, so as to achieve the effect of luring fish.

    WHZH (4)

    S-type swing natural stroke according to the predatory habits of large fish in nature,they play a deadly swimming pose and tease the fish crazily.

    WHZH (5)
    WHZH (6)

    Seven colors options,the simulated fish scale is bright and eye-catchingand the effect of luring fish is obvious.

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