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WHHP-M045 Floating minnow fishing hard lure

WHHP-M045 Floating minnow fishing hard lure

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Designed for long-throwing, With a long throwing distance There are steel balls inside the bait.The steel ball vibrates and lakes a sound when the bait is collected. which attracts the attention of big fish and lures them to bite the bait.

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    Product Specification

    Lure Model

    Minnow Lure

    Lure Type

    Hard Fishing Lure

    Lure Weight


    Lure Length





    High Carbon Steel Treble Hooks


    3D high simulation fish eyes




    7 Colors



    Product Size

    WHHP (1)

    Product Introduction

    WHHP (2)

    The length and width of minnow’s tongue are related to the water layer it can reach, its swing range, and its resistance to water. Generally speaking, the longer the tongue, the deeper the water layer can dive into. The width can be wider, then the range of strokes will be greater.
    Floating water minnows are also popular among anglers. Generally, in places with few obstacles, using floating water minnows against mandarin fish or bass will have a good effect, and you can intuitively see the exciting scene of the prey biting the bait.
    Minnow type baits makes good results in recent fishing field because it performs always quite fresh to bass and pike.

    WHHP (3)

    1. Strong treble Hooks: stronger power, durable, freshwater seawater universal.
    2. Simulation Fish Skin : The design of simulation fish skin make it more attractive to big fish.
    3. Stronger Rings: Strengthen the double circle increased resistance to pull.
    4. 3D Fish Eyes: 3D simulation eyes, big and bright, more tempting reflective better.

    WHHP (4)

    It's designed to perform a refined , natural action that will get the attention of even the most cautious bass.
    Moving balance system now features one tungsten weight instead of two . By combining the weights into one main weight , it increases the casting power and flight distance due to its beautiful flight posture.You can accurately adjust to the proper swimming depthwithin the maximum range of 0-0.5m.

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