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Our Products

  • WHHRS-11 Fishing hair rig bait

    WHHRS-11 Fishing hair rig bait

    Made of high quality TRP material, for long time use. Wonderful boilies stopper to make hair rig. Useful accessory for outdoor carp fishing. Very strong and easy to use.

  • WHHRS-12  Fishing Lure Bait Bandage

    WHHRS-12 Fishing Lure Bait Bandage

    These Lure Bait Bandages are made of high quality plastic material which is elastic and durable, lightweight to carry. They are mainly used to hold baits in place like hooks. There are 3 different sizes for your consideration. Of beautiful snowflake design, one contains several bands which are easy to rip off and use. Transparent, good elasticity, Ideal for fishing baits whose sizes are within the range of 2-12mm.Useful accessory for outdoor carp fishing.easy to use.

  • WH-SGF-O 01  Carp Fishing Accessories oak wood Stick

    WH-SGF-O 01 Carp Fishing Accessories oak wood Stick

    Description:Floating ability: The carp cork stick has a special wooden design, helping to increase the bait’s buoyancy in the water.
    Balancing the weight: The carp cork stick is very suitable for helping fishman to make the bait sink slowly, effectively offsetting the weight of the hook.
    Convenient application: The carp cork stick can be easily unpacked, simply installed and conveniently applied without taking much strength.
    Widely usage: The cork stick has a multitude of uses in tuning your rigs, but are primarily used by anglers to add buoyancy to boiled and particle hookbaits.
    Premium material: The cork stick is made of oak material, making the bait look more natural and possessing great underwater adapting function.

  • WHSGCA-RB10094 Multi piller tool

    WHSGCA-RB10094 Multi piller tool

    Features: Multi Puller Tool ( 5 in 1 ) The Multi Puller is the ultimate 5 in 1 Tool.Moulded in plastic , Durable and handy tool . Desingned in orange color which is Noticeable color for angler to find this tool in the tackle box or in the bangk . The Multi piller tool is a must tool for carp fishing.

  • WH-SGBB25  Carp Fishing Spod Bomb

    WH-SGBB25 Carp Fishing Spod Bomb

    Using this product can invite large concentrations of fishes.When the floats contacts the water,the body is released fully open so washing the bait out instantly.The floats once opende and glides effortlessly the top of the water with no line twist even in the strongest of winds.

  • WHHRS-B2021 Carp Fishing Swingers

    WHHRS-B2021 Carp Fishing Swingers

    4 color tube available Yellow, Red, Green, Blue.Made by clear plastic. Removable tube.You can insert the florescent tube inside. Plastic clips to protect your fishing line. This is a new swinger this year, it include a removeable tube, perfect tackle for your fishing!

  • WHJY-19 Fishing Bait Needle

    WHJY-19 Fishing Bait Needle

    Fishing Bait Needle Line Drill Tackle Rigging Tools Boilie Carp Fish Accessories,100% brand new and high quality,High quality of materials.It is used for helping fishing line cross the fishing baits.Simple and easy to learn, easy to operate. Easy to use and practical.This is a good product,a must for fishing enthusiasts.

  • WHJY-16  Explosive hook bait holder

    WHJY-16 Explosive hook bait holder

    1 Set Baiting Tool Inline Method Carp Fishing Feeder Mould Tackle Accessories Fishing Tackle Specifications: Made of quality material, durable and practical. This set includes 3 different sizes of feeders and a mould. Very easy to use it and it is a good way to help you catch more fish quickly.


  • WHHRS-3 Fishing hair rig bait

    WHHRS-3 Fishing hair rig bait

    1 Sheet Carp Fishing Hair Stops For Boilie Bait Dumbell Shape Small Fishing Bobber Stop Stoppers Rig Carp Stops.Easy to learn. Very strong and easy to use. Useful accessory for outdoor carp fishing .

  • WH-A107 Tungsten mud

    WH-A107 Tungsten mud

    Our high quality tungsten putty is great for fine tuning center of gravity. Easily tune the balance and hit the exact weight. Great for fishing sinker for popups for depth control. Soft malleable rig putty, break off exact amount of putty you need.